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Privacy Fencing

Aluminium Slat System

Designed for style, our Aluminium Slats are streamlined, sleek and durable with minimal maintenance required. Choose from a full range of 10 colours (Including wood finish) and various styles to complete your desired look.


Whether you are fencing, screening, balustrading or creating a stylish backdrop our Slats will have you loving your outdoor space.

AluScreens has perfected the Aluminium Privacy Fencing System . Built with a unique and customisable aluminium slat system, this leading range of slat screens, fencing and gates represents a giant leap forward from the more generic systems currently available on the market. It’s just one of the reasons why our products have become the preferred choice for many Maltese households. Our Aluminium slat system are ideal for many different applications including fencing, screening of unsightly areas including water tanks, air-conditioning units and sheds.

Why is our Aluminium Slat System different from other generic systems?

We have perfected our Aluminium Privacy Fencing System by passing our horizontal slats through the vertical posts. This System has multiple benefits. These include:

  • Super Durable

  • Superior Strength 

  • No Visible Screws or Rubber covers

  • Looks good on both sides


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Aluminium Slat Products


How Wide is Each Aluminium Slat?

We have 4 different sizes for Aluminium Slats

  • 40mm wide and 20mm thick

  • 60mm wide and 20mm thick

  • 80mm wide and 20mm thick

  • 100mm wide and 20mm thick

How Wide Can a Screen Span Before a Post is Required?
Our screens can span up to 2000mm until a post is required.

Can I Choose The Spacing I Would Like In-Between Each Slat?
YES, our aluminium slats use a uniquely flexible slat spacing system so you can create the look that works best for your home.

What Size Are The Posts?
Our privacy screen posts are 50mm x 50 mm.

How Deep Do You Cement The Fence Posts?

We Cement 9cm when digging into rock. The depth required to secure your fence posts will be determined by our professional installers.

What Colours do The Aluminium Slats come in?

We Stock 10 different colours including 4 different wood finishes.


Work Done by AluScreens

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