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PVC Curtain

    Our clear strip door is constructed from a stainless steel header rail with individual clear PVC strips hanging from the rail to form a barrier against pests. Ideal for the front or rear of the smaller business or domestic premises. Quick and easy to install. This strip curtain is designed for easy access, and is fully removable in seconds. Our clear strip door is available either in kit form to construct yourselves, supply only made up and ready to hang, or supplied and fitted on-site.

PVC Curtains from Aluscreens! For a clean,dust free workshop.
Also available in Polar for Freezers,Ribbed for Forklift passage,Perforated for kitchens…ecc


PVC Insect Screens installed by Aluscreens in an Industrial Plant



HOW THEY WORK Each 200mm wide clear PVC strip has been cut into 6 individual pieces; this makes access considerably easier than passing through conventional strip curtains. All the strips lap over each other and hang from a stainless steel top track.
SUITABILITY This is an economical way to provide an extremely tough, yet durable barrier that will cover openings to domestic and industrial premises alike.
REMOVAL The strips can be moved individually. Alternatively the whole strip door can be removed and re-sited to another wall or surface for overnight storage.
MAINTENANCE The stainless steel track requires no maintenance. Each strip can be cleaned on-site, or removed and washed with warm soapy water to restore visibility. Because PVC is a soft material, it is libel to scratch in time and therefore has a finite life.Replacement strips are easily obtainable and require only the polycarbonate plate fixing to the new strip to restore the full curtain.
TECHNICAL Each strip is 200mm wide x 2mm thick; cut into 6 strips approximately 33mm wide. The stainless steel top track is 1 metre long. The average weight of each strip is 1kilo. PVC is flammable and should not be exposed to naked flame.GUARANTEE 12 months on all workmanship under normal wear and tear.