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System Spare Parts

Brush 4,8×13 (Bottom)
Brush 4,8×10 (Side)

Bottom bar endcap for vertical system

Adjustable locks (left & right) for vertical systems

Washer for chain

Single handle for vertical system with spring

Chain stopper

Double handle for horizontal systems

Fixing bracket

Foot lever for vertical chain system

Guide keeper for single horizontal system + grub screw 4×4

Small sliding wheel for single and double horizontal systems

Sliding bar endcap for single horizontal system

Acorn with adjustable pull-down cord
(1 metre)



Central insert for locking bolt + 4×6 grub screw

Double door locker system 135 cm for horizontal door

Connector for double horizontal system

Endcap bush

Left endcap for chain system

Right endcap with 130cm chain

Right single endcap for vertical and horizontal system with spring

Left endcap with long spring (48cm)

Left endcap with short spring (32cm)

Fiberglass net with tube 18×16 – 600x170cm

Fiberglass net with tube 18×16 – 600x260cm